Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Shooting in Haiti: "Kay Lalo" ("Lalo's House") starring Garcelle Beauvais and Jimmy Jean-Louis

L'actrice Garcelle Beauvais est en Haiti cette semaine pour le tournage de son prochain film de court metrage "Lalo's House" (Kay Lalo). "Lalo's House" is a USC thesis film (a concept film for a feature to come) about child trafficking in Haiti. A young girl names Manouchka and her sister Phara are both kidnapped then placed in an orphanage. While the orphanage seems welcoming, the siblings soon discover that its purpose is more nefarious. The orphanage is part of a large child prostitution network and Manouchka and Phara now have to find ways to survive and overcome impossible obstacles. The film is said to be based on "true accounts". 
Actress Garcelle Beauvais.

Director Kelli Kali says in statement on the film's website that "for a nation that has been hit with so much devastating catastrophe, we can no longer rely on the children of Haiti to bring their country out of the ruins of despair. They are the victims now, which puts the onus on us - people like you and me, and we must start now preparing them for a better future." 
Actor Jimmy Jean-Louis.

Garcelle will star as Sister Francine opposite Jimmy Jean-Louis who will play the father. Paul Beaubrun will serve as the film's songwriter/composer. 

Musician Paul Beaubrun.

Check out the film's WEBSITE and FACEBOOK PAGE for more information. 

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